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Donation to SYUK
  • GBP

General Donation Navaratri Puja Farm Compliance

Please note: Amount should be whole pounds without decimal point. Acknowledgement of your donation will appear on this form. Your phone number & email will be used only for administration purposes.

(2) Transfer to the charity’s bank account – Life Eternal Trust (UK), NatWest bank, sortcode 56-00-31 a/c 96410426. Reference GENRL-YourName. Or other reference as appropriate, e.g. which Puja, “Farm”, etc.

(3) Regular monthly donations – Please email to obtain the separate personal standing order reference needed.

(4) Donate by cheque – Please send cheque payable to “Life Eternal Trust UK”, to the charity’s official address: LET(UK), 14 Essex Road, Enfield EN2 6TZ. Write “General” on back of cheque, or other reference as appropriate, and include your name and address.

Purpose of Donations

Donations are used for the ongoing collective responsibilities of Sahaja Yoga UK.

Nationally, this includes: spreading Sahaja Yoga (exhibitions such as Ideal Home Show, recent advertising on London buses, etc); running expenses of our National Centre at Bloxham Farm; puja and events costs, etc.

Internationally, the UK supports Cabella World Foundation, Borotin School, preservation of Shri Mataji’s talks (Nirmal Intellectual Property Corporation / Amruta), Vishwa Nirmala Prem NGO orphanage in Delhi, amongst other important Sahaja Yoga projects.

Usually, income is treated as “General Donations” (hence the reference “GENRL” above). From time to time, fundraising is for a specific purpose, for example Compliance Works at the Farm, which will enable us to re-establish full use of the premises (subject to Covid restrictions). When donating for this project please use reference “FARM-YourName”. Other specific references are announced as and when appropriate.

Jai Shri Mataji!